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Al Mohanad Al Mahrouqi

Al Mohanad Al Mahrouqi

Associate Production Technologist, CC Energy Development (CCED)
I’m Al Mohanad Hamed Al Mahrouqi, I’m working as associate production technologist at CC Energy Development . I have strong technical and communication skills, strong problem-solving efficiency, usually, do volunteer work, and the ability to work with a team and under pressure. I have participated in different workshops and conferences & exhibitions such as the Green Hydrogen Summit, and Abu Dhabi international petroleum exhibition & conference. Besides these, I attended the Global HSE conference in May 2022. I achieved third place in the competition of Hydrogen Energy as an Enabler for a Net Zero Carbon Target at the Abu Dhabi international petroleum exhibition and conference which was about hydrogen energy and when we can move to it. Hydrogen has emerged as a captivating prospect, offering a promising solution to our pressing environmental concerns. As the world shifts its focus towards sustainability and reduced carbon emissions, hydrogen has emerged as a frontrunner due to its versatile applications and clean nature. Its utilization as a fuel for transportation, energy storage, and power generation showcases its immense potential to reshape the energy landscape.