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Billy Morin

Chief Billy Morin

Managing Director, Axxcelus Capital Advisory
Chief Billy Morin served three consecutive (2013-22) terms leading one of Alberta’s most progressive indigenous Nations. Chief Morin honors the original spirit and intent of Treaty Six by working with all levels of government and private sector to champion Reconcili-Action by creating unprecedented business partnerships for his and other First Nations. Projects such as: Trans Mountain servicing, the 900MW Cascade Power Project, the 1st on reserve surgical center, carbon capture sequestration regional development, public infrastructure, commercial and light industrial development – projects requiring $750million of direct investment for Enoch alone. He was appointed Grand Chief of Treaty Six for the year 2020; a position responsible to be the voice for the nearly 80,000 First Nations people. Most recently he served as Special Advisor to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith; and is Managing Director for Axxcelus Capital Corporation, a financial firm dedicated to facilitating Indigenous ownership in large economic projects across Canada.