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Danielle Smith

Hon. Danielle Smith

Premier, Canada, Government of Alberta
On behalf of the Government of Alberta, it is my pleasure to send greetings to everyone attending the 2023 World Petroleum Congress. We are honoured to welcome all of you to our province for this important triennial event. As leaders in oil, gas and energy, delegates to the congress have an interest in planning for the safe, sustainable, long-term production and transportation of energy. For five days, stakeholders will come together to develop a vision for that sustainable future—sharing information and opportunities and exploring the solutions that will help us achieve a more carbon neutral industry while we continue to address global demand. Alberta’s energy sector has been a major force in oil and gas for many years, and we are at the forefront of innovation, research and development. There could be no better place to discuss the challenges and opportunities than right here in Calgary. I look forward to the results of these critical conversations on the path to our energy future. Thank you to the WPC Organizing Committee for Canada Executive, the WPC Board, and all of the hardworking people who make an event of this scale possible. Enjoy your time in Alberta, and best wishes for a productive congress.