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David Hardie

David Hardie

Director Liability Management, Alberta Energy Regulator
David has spent his career working in the Canadian energy sector. During that time he concentrated on the growing global challenge of ensuring energy infrastructure is managed in a holistic manner. The primary focus has been on public safety, environmental protection, and ensuring the proactive management of the associated liability. He has collaborated with many international peers and organizations around the world to generate dialogue and innovative solutions to address issues such as aging infrastructure, stranded assets, decommissioning, re-use of infrastructure, and program design to manage and mitigate the risk of unfunded liability. Combined with his industry experience, David has presented in many conferences, facilitated international meetings, and chaired various committees to share knowledge, experience, and ideas for a sustainable approach for the betterment of the energy sector. David has extensive experience in the international community, and is involved in initiatives with the World Petroleum Council (WPC), The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), World Energy Council (WEC), European Union (EU), Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) and more.