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David Layzell

Dr. David Layzell

Director Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research, University of Calgary
David Layzell is a University of Calgary Professor and the Energy Systems Architect for the Transition Accelerator, a non-profit focused on the net-zero energy system transition in Canada. His work has been instrumental in identifying the opportunity and transition pathways for Canada to deploy a vibrant net-zero emission economy based on hydrogen and electricity production and use across Canada, while displacing traditional carbon-based energy carriers such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas. Before launching the Canadian Energy System Analysis Research (CESAR) Initiative at the U of C in 2013, Layzell was Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) at the U of C (2008-12), and the BIOCAP Canada Foundation at Queen’s University (1998-2008). As a Professor at Queen’s University, he co-founded a scientific instrumentation company called Qubit Systems Inc. and was elected ‘Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada’ (FRSC) for his research contributions.