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Florent Bertini

Florent Bertini

E&P Chief Innovation Officer, TOTALENERGIES, FRANCE
Florent Bertini, graduated from ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs’ (IFP - MSc. Petroleum Geophysics) and joined TotalEnergies in 1996 as an Exploration Geophysicist. Over the years, he oversaw Seismic Reservoir Characterisation, 4D, complex well geosteering, 3D/4D interpretation. He was also Chief Geophysicist, in charge of both 'Operations' and 'Seismic Reservoir Characterisation & Methodology' teams. In 2014, he moved into "Strategy Growth Research" Total E&P in charge of piloting the Planet Imaging R&D program, emerged from a recent R&D transformation.