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Hadi Shaker Shiran

Hadi Shaker Shiran

Energy Systems Analyst, University of Alberta
Hadi Shaker Shiran is an Energy Systems Analyst at the Energy Transition Lab in University of Alberta. His expertise are in techno-economic assessment, catalyst development, electrochemical systems and in-situ/operando Raman spectroscopy. Hadi completed his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in Kibria lab at the University of Calgary, focusing on techno-economic analysis and system design of integrated CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion systems. He also received his BSc in chemical engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology where he worked on experimental and theoretical concepts of extraction, separation, and purification of pharmaceutical compounds via aqueous two-phase systems. Currently, Hadi’s research is centered around the design and analysis of transition pathways to net-zero economy.