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Krisztian Pulay

Krisztian Pulay

SVP, Group Downstream Development, MOL Group
Krisztián Pulay is a senior oil and gas business professional based in Budapest, Hungary, and currently works as Senior Vice President at MOL Group Downstream Development division. He is responsible for identifying and implementing strategic projects in MOL Group’s traditional Downstream businesses, refining and petrochemicals. Mr. Pulay graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2003 as Mechanical Engineer and has taken part in various large industrial projects in Central Europe. He joined MOL Group in 2006 and contributed to the management and execution of numeruous large-scale projects of the company including butadiene extraction, synthetic rubber, olefin conversion, delayed coker and polyol production units. Supporting MOL Group’s holistic net-zero strategy he oversees Downstream transformational projects, like fuel to chemicals, waste to chemicals and carbon footprint reduction initiatives.