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Lyndsay Thorlacius

Lyndsay Thorlacius

Managing Director, Strategy, Accenture
Lyndsay is a Managing Director, within Accenture's Canadian Strategy practice, based in Calgary, Alberta. In her role, Lyndsay leads Canadian energy and mining clients through organization transformation, which explores how the dimensions of organization design, leadership, culture, and change come together to move companies and their employees through transformation. Her recent experiences have involved partnerships that explored how International resource companies can evolve their operating model as part of energy transition priorities – ranging from M&A carve-outs to multi-billion-dollar capital project builds. Lyndsay is deeply committed to growing the next generation of Canadian leaders and supports this ambition as the practice lead of Accenture’s strategy development program, which involves the development and engagement of more than 60 analysts and consultants in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. Outside of work, Lyndsay has held several leadership roles as a 6-year board member with Making Changes (Dress for success/women in technology/immigrant services), pro bono sponsor of work with the Trellis Society (Family and Youth Support Services), Pitch Better (Innovation, Research & Capacity Building for Black Women Entrepreneurs) and has held roles as lead of Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship Practice and Women’s employee resource group. Lyndsay holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary, specialized in Global Energy Management and Sustainability.