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Mohammed A Al-Brahim

Mohammed A Al-Brahim

Assistant to Energy Minister, Ministry of Energy Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Eng. Mohammed Al-Brahim assumed the position of Assistant Minister for Oil and Gas Affairs in June 2021, where he supervised the preparation of oil and gas strategies and downstream works including petrochemicals, the preparation of a plan to open the market for liquefied petroleum gas, the preparation of a plan for the development of gas stations under the umbrella of the Permanent Committee for Gas Stations and Service Centers, control operations and licenses for establishments that fall within the scope of the petroleum products trading system, supervision of the Agency for Corporate Affairs and Seizures, including the Accounts Control Department, and work to control and facilitate procedures and follow-up His Excellency also chairs several committees, including: (Committee for the Inventory and Development of Investment Opportunities, the Executive Committee of Saudi Arabian Chevron, the Saudi-Kuwaiti Permanent Committee, and the Steering Committee for Privatization in the Energy Sector), in addition to the membership of several committees, including: (Supervisory Committee for Privatization in the Energy Sector, Supply Chain Integration Committee, Saudi National Committee for World Petroleum Council, Logistics Committee and Preparatory Team for the National Committee for Incentives), and membership in the boards of directors of: (Eastern Region Development Authority, Al-Ahsa Region Development Authority).