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Moudi Al-Ajmi

Moudi Al-Ajmi

Manager Gas Fields Development Group, Kuwait Oil Company
Ms. Moudi was appointed as Manager Field Development Gas Group in 2021, looking after managing KOC HT/HP Jurassic Gas Reservoirs to produce and sustain ~1BCF of Gas Production. She was previously leading the Field Development of Raudhatain Field and the Reservoir Studies Team as a Team Lead. She graduated from Kuwait University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering, and in 2007 completed master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. She joined Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) as a Petroleum Engineer in 1998. And started her career as a Petroleum Engineer and continued the rest of her career with KOC as a Reservoir Engineer. Ms. Moudi has 25 years of experience looking after 22 clastic and carbonate reservoirs of North Kuwait. These reservoirs’ contribution has been almost 650,000 barrels of oil per day with effective and sound reservoir management best practices. She led the team pioneering Water flood and EOR/IOR in NK reservoirs as well as Urban Planning and new technologies applications. She has also published several SPE papers other forums on simulation, field development, waterflood and EOR as well as serving as a Committee Members in SPE events.