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Nancy Speidel

Nancy Speidel

Founder & CEO, ISAW
United States
Nancy Speidel spent 27 year in information technology in High Tech (Intel) and Energy (BP), she quickly advanced through multiple levels in the organization into Senior Level Leader positions running major IT programs and activities. Nancy is one of the 4 women who co-founded GROW (Gulf Region Organization for Women) in Saudi Arabia. She also founded 2 industry benchmark forums.  She helped launch BP’s Corporate IT Diversity and Inclusion program. She has been a keynote speaker on “Women in the Workplace” in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Zimbabwe. She founded iSAW international as a not-for-profit organization, bringing the power of technology to create digital ecosystems uniting motivated professionals, business leaders and individuals in a ‘What Works’ platform that enables them to implement effective strategies for diverse, inclusive and thriving workplaces.