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Parveen Kumar Yadav

Parveen Kumar Yadav

Senior Manager – IS (Governance and Compliance), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Mr. Parveen Kumar Yadav is an accomplished professional in the field of information security, with a strong academic background and extensive practical experience. His career spans over 16 years, during which he has demonstrated his expertise and leadership in various aspects of information security. As Senior Manager of Governance & Compliance, he has played a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining a robust information security infrastructure at HPCL. Some notable highlights of Mr. Parveen Kumar Yadav's career include: Information Security Infrastructure Setup: He took on the significant responsibility of building the entire information security infrastructure of HPCL from the ground up. This involves designing, implementing, and managing security solutions to safeguard the organization's digital assets. Diverse Security Solution Experience: His hands-on experience with major security solutions such as Anti-Virus (AV), Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Firewalls, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Anti-Advanced Persistent Threat (Anti-APT) systems, and Identity Management showcases his versatility and proficiency in implementing a wide range of protective measures. Security Operations Centre (SOC) Establishment: He successfully established a Security Operations Centre (SOC) at HPCL, which serves as a central hub for monitoring and responding to security threats and incidents. This initiative contributes to proactive threat detection and timely incident response. ISO 27001 Certification: His efforts were instrumental in achieving ISO 27001 certification for HPCL's Data Centre. This certification demonstrates the organization's commitment to adhering to international standards for information security management. Securing OT Infrastructure: He extended his expertise to secure HPCL's Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure, which is critical for ensuring the safety and reliability of industrial processes. This showcases his ability to address security challenges in both traditional IT and specialized industrial environments. Compliance and Policy Adherence: Ensuring compliance with government regulations and internal policies is a vital aspect of Mr. Yadav's role. His dedication to upholding these standards helps HPCL maintain a secure and legally compliant operational environment. Vision for Secure Environment: His strategic vision involves combining the principles of Zero Trust and well-defined security policies to create a secure environment for HPCL's OT infrastructure. This approach emphasizes continuous verification and minimizes trust assumptions, enhancing overall security posture. User-Centric Security Approach: Recognizing the importance of user awareness and behaviour in cybersecurity, he conducts regular security awareness programs to educate and empower HPCL employees. This proactive approach aims to mitigate human-related security risks. Certifications: Praveen hold several certifications that validate his expertise, including being a certified lead auditor and implementor for ISO 27001, a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and having a Project Management certification. These certifications underline his commitment to professional development and staying updated with industry best practices.