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Patrick Swinburne

Patrick Swinburne

Hydrogen Projects and Operations Lead, Baringa 
United States
Patrick is an experienced consultant with a chemical and materials engineering background and an MBA specialising in Hydrogen, CC(U)S, and low carbon technology. Originally from New Zealand, he spent his early career with BG Group in Australia, developing and operating unconventional coal seam gas projects before moving to the UK to support major construction contractors such as Flour and Bechtel in global FEED and EPC projects. Since joining Baringa in 2020 as the Hydrogen Projects & Operations Lead, Patrick has been working primarily with the O&G sector to help them identify and deploy the required capability to operate and optimise large hydrogen infrastructure. He has first-hand experience in integrated hydrogen value chains and of what it takes to bring hydrogen projects to fruition and set up businesses for successful operation. Particularly in getting the balance right between leveraging the established and robust existing capability of the sector while being lean and cost effective to support early-stage hydrogen economics. Other areas of expertise include energy transition strategy, organisational and operational design, asset management processes and systems, digital / IT strategy, and a detailed knowledge of hydrogen’s role in an integrated energy system.