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Pinar Oya Yilmaz

Dr. Pinar Oya Yilmaz

Chairman, Board of Directors, IPTC
Pinar earned her BA from Hamilton college in New York, MA from Bryn Mawr in Philadelphia, her PhD in geology from Univ. of Texas in 1981. She then dedicated 40 years of career with Mobil, Exxon, and ExxonMobil being a geologist, a technology champion, an influencer, a strategist, a connector and a role model particularly for women and young professionals around the world. Since Pinar retired in 2020 from ExxonMobil, LEWAS (Leadership Excellence for Women Awards & Symposium) honored her as the Energy Trailblazer. She was Geologic Society of America’s 2020 recipient of Distinguished Career Award for her contributions advancing the international geological sciences. The Association of Brazilian Petroleum Geologists gave her their leadership award in 2021 for her mentorship of young people. In 2022 she co-edited AAPG Memoir 124 the supergiant Brazil Santos Basin, Brazil with Marcio Mello and Barry Katz. Pinar serves in the Executive Committee of the World Petroleum Council, and she is chairman of IPTC Board of Directors.