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Suman Raj

Mr. Suman Raj

Senior Manager, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL)
Mr. Suman Raj is an accomplished and forward-thinking technology leader has a rich and varied professional exposure across entire spectrum of petroleum functions and has held various key positions in Supplies, Operations and Distribution (SOD) of HPCL. With a successful career spanning 13 years in the downstream Oil & Gas Value Chain, Suman Raj has earned a reputation for their exceptional technical expertise, strategic acumen, and ability to drive innovation. His visionary approach and deep understanding of emerging technologies have enabled them to spearhead transformative initiatives that have propelled the HPCL, and particularly SOD SBU of HPCL growth and positioned it as a leader in the industry. More than Rs. 80 Crore of projects were handled such as SMART Terminal and Process Improvements through digitalization, EM Locking Solutions, Customer Interface solutions etc. His career has focused on business process engineering and optimization with a highlight on developing technology that intelligently manages and that intelligently manages and empowers the digitization of Green Supply Chain. Suman is a hands-on leader who focuses on perfecting each transaction for optimal efficiency, which reduces the overall cost of terminal Operations. He is a graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engg. and holds an MBA in Operations Management from the Rajiv Gandhi Inst. of Technology. With a passion for innovation, Suman has led the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions that have revolutionized the way SOD, HPCL operates. His ability to identify opportunities and leverage technology to solve complex business challenges has resulted in streamlined processes, Optimized Cost, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences. His unwavering dedication to excellence and relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions make them an invaluable asset to the organization and a true inspiration to aspiring technologists.