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Yijin ZENG

Yijin ZENG

Chief Expert and Professor, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd., China
Professor Zeng Yijin is the chief expert in the field of petroleum engineering of Sinopec Group. His main research directions are deep and ultra deep drilling and completion theory and technology, unconventional oil and gas drilling and completion technology, deep rock mechanics and application. He has enriched the theory of creep deformation of deep salt gypsum rock and drilling technology, innovated key technologies and tools for ultra deep and fast drilling, created key technologies and instruments for precise guidance and control of horizontal well drilling in complex reservoirs, and developed cementing technologies and devices for high-temperature and high-pressure oil and gas wells. He obtained 35 authorized invention patents, published 5 monographs and over 100 papers. His research achievements have promoted the development and progress of deep and ultra deep drilling technology in China.