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Yoshimi Okada

Yoshimi Okada

Fellow, Frontier Business Division, Chiyoda Corporation
He joined Chiyoda Corporation in 1986 after completing his graduate studies at Yokohama National University, where he was engaged in various catalyst development projects at R&D center. 2002, he started to develop dehydrogenation catalysts essential for the LOHC-MCH process, and succeeded in developing a novel dehydrogenation catalyst with high activity, capable of dehydrogenation over 99% at theoretical conditions of temperature and pressure of chemical equilibrium. He received his degree in 2005 and is currently a fellow at Chiyoda, a visiting professor at Yokohama National University, a part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo and Kyushu University, and a board member of the Hydrogen Energy System Society of Japan.  The system for a hydrogen storage and transportation in large-scale is necessary for the hydrogen business. Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) is safe and low risk method because hydrogen atoms are stored in the molecule of methylcyclohexane (MCH) as LOHC in the liquid state under the ambient temperature and pressure. Chiyoda developed MCH-LOHC system and named “SPERA Hydrogen” system through the complete of an international demonstration of massive hydrogen supply chain from Brunei Darussalam to Japan in 2020. The system has moved to the commercialization stage. In this presentation, we would like to introduce “SPERA Hydrogen” system, cost comparison and effort to the commercialization etc. We are sure that the system is very helpful to the hydrogen business for energy transition by the oil players.