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WPC Canada Celebrates 70 years as a member of the World Petroleum Council.

Joining the WPC organisation in 1950, Canada has been a very active member and promoting the petroleum industry both home and abroad. WPC Canada is the Canadian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council (WPC), a non-political, Non-Governmental Organisation accredited by the United Nations.

We are a premiere network of energy professionals, with a membership that includes more than 60 representatives of the Canadian oil and gas industry from the private, public, government, and academic sectors.

WPC Canada helps members stay connected and informed about the oil and gas industry worldwide, primarily by organising the Canadian presence at the tri-annual World Petroleum Congress. This event is a forum for discussing key industry issues, developing and deepening relationships, sharing best practices, and connecting with key stakeholders.

We appreciate all the support of our industry partners that help keep our organisation vibrant and supporting the industry. We are also grateful to the city of Calgary, The Province of Alberta and the Canadian Federal Government for their on-going support of our organisation and our preparation for the World Petroleum Congress in 2023!


  • Membership includes over 60 representatives from industry, government and academia.

The principal purpose of the World Petroleum Council (WPC) is to promote the management of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of mankind. To meet those aims, the WPC encourages the application of scientific and technological advances and the study of economic, financial, management, environmental and social issues relating to the petroleum industry.

For more information about the World Petroleum Council Canada, visit: www.wpccanada.com


  • Liaise with the World Petroleum Council
    www.world-petroleum.org ) 
  • Organise the Canadian Business Development Program for the World Petroleum Congress
  • Develop and host Canada’s Pavilion at World Petroleum Congresses
  • Canadian Reception & Technical Program
  • Create Technology Exchange Opportunities for our members


  • Organising Canada’s participation at all World Petroleum Congresses.
  • Organising WPC Canada networking events in Calgary and Canada
  • Engaging youth in the Canadian O&G industry

WPC Canada Board