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Poster Plaza Session Forum 17 - Innovation & Partnerships in Supply Chains

21 Sep 2023
Poster Plaza 4
F17 - Innovation & Partnerships in Supply Chains

Sustainable, reliable, secure and cost-effective supply of materials, equipment, technology and services is critical for the oil and gas industry. The greening of the supply chain can promote sustainability and transparency. Relationships between sustainability and value creation will be a key issue to be tackled over the long term resulting in new business relationships with demonstrable sustainable strategies. Sustainable procurement considers the whole life cost of goods through Life Cycle Assessment, to ensure it is economical in a comprehensive manner rather than basing decisions primarily on price, quality and time. The forum will also look at new local content policies which are being introduced in many countries adding complexity and creating new business models for the oil and gas industry to secure the supply of energy required for the next decades.

10:00 - 10:10 : How Sustainable Procurement Can Help Oil & Gas Companies Reduce Scope 3 GHG Emissions by Jane Zhang
10:10 - 10:20 : Decarbonizing the Full LNG Production Value Chain by Iain Fraser
10:20 - 10:30 : Greening of Energy Supply Chain with Bioethanol in Sustainable Model by Geetali Kalita
10:30 - 10:45 : Leading Chevron’s Supply Chain carbon reductions by partnering differently by Maru Williams
10:45 - 10:55 : Greening of Supply Chains by Scott Mitchell
10:55 - 11:05 : Study of Forecasting and Estimation Methodology of Oilfield Development Cost Based on Machine Learning by SHI Mingyu

Ms. Jane Zhang, Co-CEO & Co-Founder - ETCH Sourcing
Iain Fraser, Engineering Consultant
Geetali Kalita, Head (ESG) - Numaligarh Refinery
Maru Williams, ESG Manager - Chevron
Scott Mitchell, Engagement Manager - Hatch Ltd.
SHI Mingyu, Senior Engineer- R&D Department - CNPC