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CEO Strategic Session 16: Climate Solutions from the Oil and Gas Industry

20 Sep 2023
Auditorium 3
CEO Strategic Session

Several initiatives to mitigate GHG emissions have been taken by individual and groups of oil and gas companies, including ambitious Net Zero Carbon targets for scope 1, 2 and scope 3 emissions. The panel will look at initiatives in the areas of energy efficiency, flaring, methane, offsets, electrification, CCUS and how they will be delivered. The industry must also respond to emission trading schemes now being established in more countries.

13:45 - 14:45 : Climate Solutions from the Oil and Gas Industry (Panel Discussion)

Andrew Swart, Energy, Resources & Industrials Leader - Deloitte Canada
Francisco Gea, Executive Managing Director, Exploration and Production - Repsol
Milton Catelin, Secretary General - International Gas Union
Dr. Prasanna Joshi, VP Low Carbon Solutions Technology - ExxonMobil
Andy Krieger, Senior Vice President, Gulf of Mexico and Canada Region - BP
Khalid A. Abuleif, Climate Change Chief Negotiator and Sustainability Advisor, - Ministry of energy