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CEO Strategic Session 2: The Role for Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

18 Sep 2023
Auditorium 1
CEO Strategic Session

Hydrogen as a decarbonisation pathway hinge on the fuel itself being produced in a way that’s carbon free. Green hydrogen, turning renewable electricity (green) into a carbon-free fuel (hydrogen. The majority of hydrogen in use today is produced via the least expensive route from natural gas (termed now as grey hydrogen).This can be turned “blue” by capturing the carbon dioxide produced in its production. What is the reality for clean hydrogen production and use in the future?How can the existing energy industry increase hydrogen demand: blending in natural gas infrastructure, circular hydrogen concepts in crackers, or integrating hydrogen fuelling in existing retail stations.

16:00 - 17:00 : The Role for Hydrogen in the Energy Transition (Panel Discussion)

Geoff Tuff, Hydrogen Practice Leader - Deloitte US
Bryan Helfenbaum, Associate Vice President, Clean Energy - Alberta Innovates
Momoyo Yuki, Head of Research and Analysis, Strategic Planning Dept. - Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.
Ignacio Horvath, CEO - ANCAP
Csaba Zsótér, Senior Vice President, Group Downstream Fuels - MOL Group
Sami Al-Saadan, Clean Hydrogen Program, Director, - Ministry of Energy Saudi Arabia