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CEO Strategic Session 8: Dialogue on Energy Security

19 Sep 2023
Auditorium 3
CEO Strategic Session

The meaning of “energy security” refers to the capacity of a country for ensuring an adequate, affordable, and continuous supply of energy for consistent and uninterrupted use of energy by domestic users, and military as well as industrial purposes. Energy security further relates to present and future requirements of energy and ensure that energy deficiency never takes place for the consumers despite critical situations such as political instability and economic crisis.. Can conventional energy systems involving oil, gas, nuclear, and hydro address energy security issues, or are emerging systems and new fuels, such as hydrogen and renewables, required? Or is the optimum solution a combination of both?

16:00 - 17:00 : Dialogue on Energy Security (Panel Discussion)

Muqsit Ashraf, Lead - Accenture Strategy - Accenture
Alex Pourbaix, Executive Chair - Cenovus
Jorge Lanza, CEO - Exolum
Szabolcs Ferencz, CEO - FGSZ Ltd.
John Whelan, SVP, Conventional & Heavy Oil - ExxonMobil
Adif Zulkifli, Executive Vice President & CEO, Upstream - PETRONAS