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Q: What is the deadline for Abstract submissions? 

A: Abstracts must be submitted by August 22, 2022. 

Q: When will I be notified if my Abstract is selected? 

A: Authors who submit abstracts will be notified of abstract selection by December 2022. 

Q: For what topics will Abstracts be accepted? 

A: All Abstracts must relate to one of seventeen (17) predetermined Congress Forum topics. View Topics.

Q: May I include a graph/figure, table or image in my abstract? 

A: No. Graphs/figures, tables or images are not allowed in an abstract. 

Q: How many co-authors can be included in my abstract? 

A: The maximum number of co-authors is 10. 

Q: What is the difference between the Presentation Preference: Paper or Poster? 

A: Abstracts can be submitted to the Congress for either Paper or Poster presentations. Paper Authors prepare a full technical paper and present at the Congress Forum. Posters are displayed in the Digital Poster Plaza and Poster Authors present at the Congress Forum Poster Session. 

Q: How will I know my abstract has been submitted successfully? 

A: Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also check the abstracts listing on the WPC Abstract Submission System home page. 

Q: Am I automatically registered for the World Petroleum Congress if I submit an abstract and/ or if my abstract is selected? 

A: No, you must register for the Congress separately, please click on Link to Register 



Q: Can I modify my abstract? 

A: Draft abstracts that have not been submitted can be modified. Once an abstract is submitted, it can no longer be changed. 

Q: How can I modify my abstract after it has been submitted? 

A: Once an abstract has been submitted it can no longer be changed. You can, however, submit another abstract with your new preferences. You can also contact the Speaker Management Support team at sms@24wpc.com if you need assistance. 



Q: If I would like to withdraw my abstract what should I do? 

A: You may withdraw your abstract by deleting it on WPC Abstract Submission System homepage. 



Q: How can I update my email, password, etc in my Abstract Submission System account?

A: You can update your personal information and password under the “My Profile” icon at the top right of the WPC Abstract Submission System homepage or under “My Profile” in the left navigation menu. 



Q: What are the web browser and device requirements for the Abstract Submission System? 

A: The Abstract Submission System is compatible with popular web browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. The Abstract Submission System is designed for use on desktop computers and may not be compatible on all mobile and other devices. 

Q: I am experiencing technical difficulty. Whom should I contact? 

A: For questions regarding the WPC Abstract Submission System, please contact sms@24wpc.com