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Carbon Tech Expo

wpc carbon tech expo

On the path to net-zero many organizations will need to employ clean technologies in order to hit their emissions targets. In order to highlight this important key sector, the 24th WPC Congress structure will include an exposition dedicated to clean technologies at all stages of development, within the private, public and academic spheres. The Carbon Tech Expo will provide a platform whereby businesses, governments and academia can showcase their ideas, prototypes or commercial products. The 24th Congress will be the first Congress to host a Carbon Tech Expo (CTX).

Located in Hall C of the BMO center in a high traffic area, the CTX will be approximately 10,000 sqft. The Expo will provide an opportunity for companies and individuals to exchange thoughts and innovations and network with others in the cleantech business, as well as discuss potential business development ideas with energy companies, delegates and other exhibitors.


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Networking and Workshops

Workshops related to various cleantech technologies will be held in the Knowledge Café located within the CTX area. The Knowledge Café will also be an excellent location for delegates to relax and network. In addition, each participant in the CTX will have the option to access the B2B Centre services for networking opportunities and investment attraction.

Speakers Programme

The CTX will run all four days of the Congress and programming will be a key focus. Each day will have a “theme” that will determine the focus subject matter for that day with respect to Cleantech and GHG Reduction. 

Exhibitor List

CTX Exhibitor Listg

For information on how your company can participate, please contact the 
Official Sales Representative, EventWorx Corporation at