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Sandhurst Consulting Inc.

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Every organization is faced with threats to its operations, including floods, wildfires, spills, cyber-attacks, pandemics, or safety incidents. The best approach to each of these problems is the same:
- Clearly identify the risks and mitigate them as far as possible.
- Develop policies and plans to enable an effective response to any threat that emerges.
- Train and practice your staff to put those plans into action, with particular emphasis on the leaders.
- Evaluate in order to improve all of the above on a consistent and regular basis.
Our team can help with each of these steps, either individually or as a complete coherent package.  
 Just as every incident is different so are the solutions we offer. Tailored to your needs, solving your problems. 
Protecting your people, your stakeholders, your business and the environment is important to you, and to us.


Suite 2100 - West Tower
144 4th Avenue
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  • Sandhurst Training

    02 Aug 2023
    Pictured above are images from past training events we have held for clients. 


  • On Scene Supervisor Training

    02 Aug 2023 Sandhurst Consulting
    This video features clips from an On-Scene Supervisor Course we ran for our client, MEG Energy. 
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