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The Pathways Podcast

Launched in 2022 ‘The Pathways’ Podcast is a global initiative, powered by the Canadian Organizing Committee and the World Petroleum Council, focused on delivering an accessible, affordable, and secure energy transition. The goal is to build a better future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to the energy industry. 

The podcast will feature 10 curated sessions of talks and interviews. The series comes ahead of the 24th edition of the World Petroleum Congress taking place in Calgary in September 2023, which will bring together thousands of energy industry and government leaders to share a blueprint for a possible net-zero future. Rotating hosts and industry experts share their thoughts on the topics that matter most to the professionals who are powering the global energy industry.




EPISODE 1: Hopes and Aspirations from 24th WPC in Calgary

Join in to listen to Pedro Miras and Dean Tucker discuss what's planned for the 24th World Petroleum Congress in Canada. Get a sneak peek of the exciting programme full of world-class speakers,  upcoming announcements on registration, agendas, and more.  

Guest Host: Pedro Miras, President, World Petroleum Council

Interview with: J. Dean Tucker, Vice Chairman and COO, WPC Canada and Organizing Committee for Canada (OCAN) Executive






First Episode