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wpc canada

Plenary & Strategic Sessions

The Strategic programme includes high-level sessions led by government ministers, CEOs, and other industry leaders from around the world, analysing and discussing the transformation of the industry and the developing global and regional demands.
  • Plenary Sessions
  • CEO Panels 
  • Strategic Sessions
  • Ministerial Sessions
  • Canada Sessions
  • Lunch Keynotes
  • All sectors of the Canadian Energy Industry
  • Responsible Development & Production
  • Collaborations & Partnerships

Plenary Sessions will provide insights on the challenges our industry currently faces:

  • Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero
  • Delivering Energy Responsibly for Society
  • The Energy Transition and Technology
  • Energy Security, Reliability and Resilience of Supply During the Transition
  • Transformation of the Industry, People & Products
  • Access and Affordability of Energy
  • Building Partnerships in an Energy Transition
  • Financing the Energy Transition Responsibly
  • The Reality of Future Energy Markets

The 24th WPC Strategic Sessions will focus on:

  • The Future Markets for Petrochemicals and refineries of the future
  • Circular Economy - consumerism & industry responses
  • Emission reduction - Carbon dioxide Utilisation (CCUS)
  • The role for Hydrogen in the energy transition
  • Digital Transformation on the route to net zero
  • Driving innovation in a net zero world: key challenges in R&D
  • Dialogue on the Energy Future 
  • Dialogue on Energy Security 
  • Climate solutions from the oil and gas industry
  • Alleviating Energy Poverty – industry responses to providing access to energy for all
  • Access to Capital and Innovative Business Models
  • The Role of Renewables and Other Energy Sources
  • The Realities of Energy Transition
  • Social Responsibility – Earning a License to Operate
  • Raising finance during the energy transformation – an investor-industry dialogue
  • Tackling Scope 3 emissions - premature or essential to the oil and gas industry