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01 Jun 2023

Bridger Photonics Aerial Laser Technology Helps Phillips 66 Reduce Methane Emissions

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Bridger Photonics Aerial Laser Technology Helps Phillips 66 Reduce Methane Emissions

BOZEMAN, MT May 16, 2023 - Bridger Photonics Inc. (“Bridger”) has contracted with Phillips 66 to use laser-based technology to detect methane emissions across four states. Bridger is a methane leak detection technology provider that uses sensors attached to small aircraft to scan natural gas infrastructure, including pipelines for methane leaks. Phillips 66 is using Bridger’s technology in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. 

Methane is the main constituent of natural gas, an important energy source supplied and transported by Phillips 66. Methane is also a greenhouse gas, so reduction of methane emissions is an important environmental goal. The challenge is that methane is an invisible gas. Bridger’s technology, Gas Mapping LiDAR™, addresses this challenge by using eye-safe laser beams sent down from an airborne sensor to detect, locate, quantify, and image gas plumes. The methane plume imagery is mapped onto satellite imagery and aerial photography to guide ground crews directly to the leak sources. 

After increasing its ownership in DCP Midstream earlier this year, Phillips 66 now operates one of the largest natural gas processing systems in the U.S. Bridger’s scans for Phillips 66 are part of a voluntary initiative that exceeds what is currently required by regulations for midstream operators.

“We are excited to work with proactive midstream operators like Phillips 66 who are taking a comprehensive approach to emissions identification efforts,” stated Kerry Neal, the Accounts Manager from Bridger who oversees Bridger’s activities for Phillips 66.  

“Phillips 66 is paving the way for the midstream sector and going above and beyond regulatory requirements. We are proud to support them in their emissions reduction goals while supplying safe, and reliable energy,” added Bridger’s President and CEO Pete Roos.

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