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Safety Guidelines


The objective of the WPC Safety and Security team is to provide a safe and respectful environment for Congress participants, staff, and stakeholders.

Over the course of the Congress, events will be held at a variety of venues that include: the Fairmount Palliser Hotel, TELUS Convention Center, BMO Center and Big Four Building - Calgary Stampede Grounds, as well as many offsite events, such as technical tours, that include trips to Fort McMurray.

Prohibited Items List and Screening Process

When entering a venue, please allow some extra time before you need to be at a specific place. Security screening measures are in place for the safety of everyone. In order to increase the efficiency of this important and necessary process, guests should keep the following in mind before arriving at any venue:

  • Prior to coming on-site, you’re encouraged to minimize the number of personal items you bring to the Congress, this will decrease entry time for you and other attendees.
  • When you first arrive at one of our venues, one of our security personnel will greet you and direct you into one of the line-ups.
  • Prior to getting to the walk-through metal detectors, one of our Security team members will be checking all bags. All bags and purses are checked, and this will remain the case under our security processes.
  • Once you get to the walk-through metal detectors, please remove any clothing or personal belongings that may trigger the alarm and place them on the side table. This includes keys, wallets, cellphones, coins, purses or bags.
  • You will then walk through the metal detectors and gather your items on the other side.
  • If the alarm sounds, you will go through secondary screening, which could include handheld metal detectors and/or pat-downs.

The following are considered prohibited and can’t be taken through security. Prohibited items (listed but not limited to):

  • Weapons – guns - firearms - ammunition
  • Self Defense Sprays – mace/bear spray
  • Explosives • Fuels – torches – lighter fluid
  • Knives – brass knuckles – billy clubs – black jacks – kubatons
  • Martial Arts Weapons – night sticks – nunchucks – stun guns/tasers
  • Tools (exception made for Exhibitors and Staff)
  • Razor Type Blades – box cutters – razor blades – scissors
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (unless a service animal)
  • Bottles or cans
  • Sealed packages of any kind
  • Aerosol cans or noisemaking devices
  • Drones (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or other model aircraft
  • Laser pointing devices
  • Hazardous Items – chemicals – paints – thinners - glue

Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by WPC or venue personnel, in their sole discretion

Safety Operations Center (SOC)

Primary Contact Number and Location – 403-232-9030.

The purpose of the SOC is to coordinate and dispatch Safety and Security assets for the Congress. The SOC will operate in conjunction with the TCD and the WPC Help Line. The contact number for this center is 403-261- 8573 or by text at 403-369-2532.