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wpc canada

Technical Programme Chairs & Vice Chairs

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  • Yaz Alattia

    Yaz Alattia

    Managing Director, Canada National Security Lead, Accenture Security, Canada
  • Yijin ZENG

    Yijin ZENG

    Chief Expert and Professor, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd., China
  • Yoshiyuki Watanabe

    Yoshiyuki Watanabe

    Group Leader, Technology Development Group, Sustainability Co-Creation Department, JGC Holdings Corporation, Japan



Technical Programme Speakers

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  • Yadi Qin

    Yadi Qin

    Gas Power Generation Engineer, CNOOC Gas & Power Group, China
  • Yang Li

    Yang Li

    Geophysicist, BGP Offshore, China
  • Yanhui Han

    Yanhui Han

    Petroleum Engineering Specialist, Aramco Americas: Aramco Research Center - Houston, USA
  • Yi Tong

    Yi Tong

    Development Geologist, CNOOC International, China
  • Yoshimi Okada

    Yoshimi Okada

    Fellow, Frontier Business Division, Chiyoda Corporation, Japan